Harp Music as a Theraputic Agent

Working in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres

to improve mood and increase opportunities for adults and children with illness or disability;

using communication, care and creativity.

Live music can improve the quality of life for elderly people and for those suffering

with dementia. Memories can be triggered in seconds just by playing a melody............

When Words Fail  Music Speaks!

Hans Christian Anderson

Communicating and relating with words can sometimes  be a struggle.

The language of music breaks that barrier.....

The healing power of music  helps to improve physical and mental health.

The prescription is free to all!

Southampton General Hospital

With the Fantastic Team on the Intensive Therapy Unit

Eastbourne District Hospital

Margaret is very proud to be a Musician for the Charity                 

Music in Hospitals and Care

     and she travels extensively acround the UK giving concerts in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, day centres and at specialist care facilities

for patients with severe disabilites, brain injuries and locked in syndrome.

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